Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Portraits

This past summer we finally had family portraits done.

It was about time too - we have been married 26 years and have our first grandchild. That's a lot of time to let slip away with no portraits.  The reason I'm sharing today is our photographer featured our family portrait wall on her blog HERE.  We had the portraits printed on canvas then grouped them on our "family" room wall with a sign I painted on an upcycled cabinet door from the Restore, and a letter "B" from GW.

Besides the portraits I had printed, these are some of my other favourites.

The boys and the girls 

I love this one taken on the swing set my dad made for us kids when we were 
young.  I come from a family of nine, and I have many memories of playing on this swing set, (circus anyone?) mostly good!

This is the garden shed my dad built that we are standing in front of, whose stairs lead to a second story playhouse and slide.
We had the pictures done at my parents house. They have a beautiful property that they love and care for themselves.  My father is 83 and my mother is 80 and there are at least 3 acres of well maintained gardens, a pond and a number of smaller outbuildings. Mom calls it her little piece of heaven right here on earth - and it is!

Mom and Dad with their great grand daughter. 

Our first grand child - I'm wishing for an abundance of these :)

All because two people fell in love...
with each other! ( & one of them with a bike). 

Our kids did this as a Christmas gift last year and it was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received. I cannot accurately describe just how wonderful this day was for me, and to see the results of our best work (so far) displayed on our family room wall is very rewarding.  I highly recommend it! 

Have an abundant day,

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