Saturday, November 24, 2012

old glass jar solar lights

I had seen diy "sun" jars on the internet and wanted to make some for myself.

I followed the instructions at for jars that looked like this:

photo from apartment therapy

They turned out pretty nice, but it was not fun spray painting them with the frosted glass paint, it took a fair number of coats.

I put them outside on my patio table and enjoyed them - for about a month, then they started to fall apart :( .  The paint scratched and the silicone I used failed, causing the light part to separate from the jar lid.

So I called this a lesson and started over.  This time the only thing I bought new were the solar stakes, they had them on sale at Canadian Tire for $0.99. 

They were just the right size to fit the glass insert part of old canning jars.  You unscrew the top part and silicone them to the insert, like this:

Not wanting to use the frosted glass paint again, I decided some velum might work to diffuse the led light.   I cut a piece to form a tube that fit just around the outside of the light part and inside the jar height then taped it in place.  

The best part is I used these for the rest of the summer and they still look like they did when I made them, except the rim on the jar, which turned rusty.


Have an abundant day!


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