Friday, November 9, 2012

Wire Wreath Card Holder {Upcycled}

This was a super easy project using an old Christmas card holder I had purchased years ago from my nephew as part of his school fundraising project.  I think it was from Regal gifts but the memory fades...

This is what it looked like before.

It wasn't bad and I used it for it's given purpose for a number of years.  It looked real nice full of Christmas cards and photos from family and friends.  However, every year there were less cards to fill it (everyone is going digital with their wishes - including me) and I found myself putting in old cards.  I liked the wreath form though, and thought it would be nice for year round display so this summer I pulled it out of the attic and went about transforming it.  

The first thing I did was remove the angel and then spray painted it with this:

It looked much better at this point, however there was an awkward gap where the angel used to be and being unsatisfied with the results I set it aside until I had a better idea.  Well an idea "lightbulb" went on the other day when I took a picture of these for a fb cover photo.

And this is the result - I like it!

I don't know who the lady in the photo is, I found her under another picture in a vintage frame I bought.  I like her and her little cat too! 
I found the BINGO card under our old kitchen cabinets when we renovated.  It's the number 13 card so maybe someone thought they had better hide it away, just in case. ;)

Have an abundant day!

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